The Mel-Build policy.
We are developing for user efficiency of Transmission Electron Microscopes.
We are developing user friendly gadgets for all Transmission Electron Microscope users.
We are developing for science advancement.
We are to meliorate building of technology for users all over the world
if you have any question and request please contact us.
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Our partners
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The story of Mel-Build since 2005.
First we realized the strong technological needs for further development of 3D Tomography.
Our first challenge was to make it possible to move a TEM sample for crystalline nanostructures.
The project was to develop a completely new specimen holder for 3D tomography purposes.
This project started in the summer of 2005, it was involving several engineers and high level TEM users.
The project itself succeeded, and as another result the company Mel-Build was founded.

New ideas and technology are co-developed by Mel-Build and Kyushu university.

The Mel-Build team management.
Director of Mel-Build Research Institute: Mr. Hiroya Miyazaki
Mechanic design chief: Mr. Hitoya Miyazaki, Dr.Takashi Gondo
Software design chief: Mr. Syuichi Kamimura
Application laboratory chief: Dr Takashi Gondo

Location of Mel-Build.
The Mel-Build Research Institute is located in Fukuoka, Kyushu island, JAPAN
Address: 2-11-36, Ishimaru Nishi-ku, Fukuoka-City, Fukuoka 819-0025 JAPAN
           (location point 1 of the right side map).

Introduction of the Kyushu island.
  Kyushu island is located in the far west part of Japan. A beautiful scenery including lowland, ocean and high mountains.
  The area of Kyushu island is 39,906Km2 , the population is 14.77 milion people, all enjoying the Kyushu life style!

Tourism information for Kyushu visitors.
  If you are having a coffee break now, please click on the map of the Kyushu island.
  You will enter a tourism infomation site for Kyushu island, be amazed by the views
  and information that will take your mind of anything else.
  Includes presentations of Theme parks, Events, Nature, Local cuisine, Traditional towns, Pottery villages and lots of others.
  Tourism infomation site presented by the Kyushu Tourism Promotion Organization.

Introduction of TEM users in Kyushu.
  Team Kuyshu consist of all volunteer participation members.
  We assist communication between TEM users, to overcome technical problems of TEM applications
  and we as a company proceed to develop our products based on these new ways of thinking.

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Mel-Build   株式会社メルビル 研究チーム一同

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