Double tilt LN2 Atmos Defend Holder

Double tilt LN2 Atmos Defend Holder

LN2 Cooling -170℃ + Double Tilt±20° + Non-exposed
Get the High Resolution image and EDS Analysis at-170℃
Temp. Control ±0.005℃

High Resolution at -170℃ data movie and data Collectiionon

Sample: Au nano particle
ARM 200F in Kyushu University
Factory check resolution image

Sample: (La,Li)TiO3
University of Tokyo
Dr. Ishikawa Dr. Nakayama
Prof. Shibata Prof. Ikuhara

-Sample : SrTiO3
University of Tokyo
Dr. Ishikawa Dr. Nakayama, Dr. Kumamoto
Prof. Shibata Prof. Ikuhara

Reasons for high-resolution image at -170℃

We realized it with the following our special system.
1.Mechanical drift cancellation mechanism from our patented technology
2. High-precision temperature controller . Range is ± 0.005 ° C .
3. Original gonio cover for cooling holders

By making these into one system, it is possible to obtain much easyer get the high resolution
image than current cooling holders.

As a result, the stability during cooling has improved,
so we have successfully acquired EDS column map data.

EDS analytical performance test using LN2 cooling holder :
Column mapping of SrTiO3


Component Double-tilt ,LN2 Cooling and VacuumTransfer
Ultimate temp -170℃
Reaching time : 60min
X tilt : ±25°
Y tilt / Min step : ±20°/ 0.05°
Sample set : Smart Set System
Coolant LN2 : replenish LN2 repeatedly
Include item;
  Temp. controller, Y tilt controller,
    software, Safety operation stand.

Safety Operation Stand introduce