Remove contamination for sample and holder shaft
Not recontamination during observation
High vacuum holder station under < 5X10-4Pa


TEM TEM holder 試料ホルダー 透過型電子顕微鏡 Transfer 3D SEM SEM Holder

TEM TEM holder 試料ホルダー 透過型電子顕微鏡 Transfer 3D SEM SEM Holder
TEM TEM holder 試料ホルダー 透過型電子顕微鏡 Transfer 3D SEM SEM Holder

TEM TEM holder 試料ホルダー 透過型電子顕微鏡 Transfer 3D SEM SEM Holder

LF4-CUBE Optional
TEM TEM holder 試料ホルダー 透過型電子顕微鏡 Transfer 3D SEM SEM Holder
Introducing: "Light Field System" station equipped with 4 vacuum ports and light heating.
The pumping system is equipped with a dry Turbo Pump and a dry Diaphragm Pump. 
 Using famous brand Pfeiffer pumps to ensure reliability and high vacuum level.
Light baking is possible in high vaccum enviroment to ensure your specimen holders are kept clean at all times.

The result of using this device considerable less contamination improving your TEM and STEM data.

LF4 has a compact design and will easily fit in a corner of a desk.

LF4 - CUBE specifications.
Size and weight:
          W366 x D436 x H400(mm) 40kg  
          (including option APCCT Digital vacuum guage: 42kg)

Installation requirements:
          Space required: W500×D500×H600(mm).
          Power supply: AC100V 5A 50/60Hz Single-phase (US/Japan standard socket).
          Holder enviroment vacuum level is ≦ 5×10-4 Pa (see note 1)
          (Measured with dummy holder plug)

          Ultimate vacuum for Gatan Cryo Holder Dewar: ≦5×10-4 Pa (see note 2)
          (Please note that APCCT Digital vacuum guage is an option)
Recommended baking temperature (see note 3): 80 Degrees C

Recommended mild baking temperature: 30-50 Degrees C

Supported holders:
          FEI Titan, Tecnai and CM series using FEI compustage.
          JEOL sample holders.
          Please specify your configuration when oredring (for example FEI 2ports, JEOL 2ports)

Installation environment:
          Inside Application lab / Room Temperature 15-30 Degrees C
          Controlled humidity is desired
Note 1: At room temperature of 20 Degrees C, not using light baking function.  
Note 2: Ultimate vacuum depends on the condition of the holder Dewar.
Note 3: Each port include a PT thermo sensor and temperature is displayed, the readout accuracy is not specified.

LF4 supports simultaneous light baking of all sample holders. .
In conventional Light Baking devices heat was only applied to one area of the holder.
 As a result some contamination would just move to a non heated area.

LF4 apply high temperature to all areas of the holder later inserted into microscope vacuum.

Heating temperature is possible to control. Temperature reading is located as near the holder.
          Possible to set the temperature similar as inside microscope objective lens to
          minimize specimen drift after holder insertion.

LF4 can be controlled to your desired temperature.
          Each port has a temperature sensor where Feed back is possible.
          To improve temperature reducing curve the system is equipped with a feedback controlled Fan.
Our original design, Skewer valve.
Following features and functions made available.

          1. Slow leak possible. Possible to use for speeding down the turbo pump to reduce waiting time.

          2. Supports N2 gas leak, may be connected to this valve.

          3. May be used as port when pumping Cryo holder dewar.
          (located near turbo pump to maximize pumping efficency).
Completely dry vacuum pump system.

Carefully selected and tested pumping system is inluded with the LF4.
          Designed with care for both vacuum level and vacuum quality.

Uses famous brand, all pumps made by PFEIFFER.

All pumping lines made of metal (Standard NW25 connections).

Product Always tested down to less than half of 10-4Pa before shipment.

Expansion for use with larger number of holders available upon request.

Option: APCCT Digital vacuum gauge (not included as standard)
          Allows monitoring of the vacuum level at all times.

If you have turbo pump, you can use LF4-C

If you wish to know more details regarding this product, Please Download below
 The purpose of performing light irradiation baking
and storing specimen holders inside a high vacuum environment..

TEM Holder TEMホルダー 試料ホルダー SEM SEM ホルダー FIB Vacuum Vacuumポート

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