LN2 Dewar extention 液体窒素デュワー拡張 TEM SEM TEM Holder

LN2 Dewar extention 液体窒素デュワー拡張 TEM SEM TEM Holder

LN2 Dewar extention 液体窒素デュワー拡張 TEM SEM TEM Holder

LN2 Dewar extention 液体窒素デュワー拡張 TEM SEM TEM Holder

Long lasting LN2 Dewar: LLD - 24 !!
Ensure continuous cooling with liquid nitrogen for 18 hours without refill

Specification (below is actually measured result on our Tecnai F20 (see note 1)

    • From filling start it takes about 20 minutes to see that the cooling trap is reaching cold level.
    • The consumption for the first 20 minutes is about 0.3 liters.
    • After the first 20 minutes passed the consumption is about 1 liter per 4 hours.
    • Once cooling finger is cold we estimate about 23 hours or more until refill is needed.

You are able to monitor the liquid nitrogen level in the dewar.(Available as an option)

    • Possible to see the actual amount in the dewar to estimate when filling is needed.
    • Knowing remaining time allows possibility to set the Tecnai cryo cycle timer accordingly.
    • Above point allows unattended data acquisition during the night.
    • But at any rate, with the capacity of this dewar you can always feel safe it will last you
      until you are back in the morning.
System for monitoring quantity of LN2
System for monitoring the precise remaining level of liquid nitrogen inside the dewar
   (LLD-24 type B and LLD-24 type C).

    • You are able to plan TEM work accordingly.
    • Before entering cryo cycle mode, know exactly how long you will still be able to acquire data.
     Contribute with cost savings as well as it is environment friendly as you may minimize wasted LN2
When LN2 is running low an alarm function will inform you it is time to fill (Only for LLD -24 Type C).

    •If during TEM operation one forget to monitor the level of LN2 the vacuum system may suddenly
    change to cryo cycle mode and observation is stopped abruptly.
    •Further if you are equipped with a level monitoring system as we supply there is no need to open
    the lid causing temperature loss and frosting.

Vibration shield design.
Use of Liquid nitrogen for cooling something will always produce more or less bubbling inside the liquid,
 this bubbling can cause vibrations.
 To make sure no vibrations are transmitted to the electron microscope a shielding system is used.  
 This system makes vibrationof boubbling reduce by the effect of double bone closs rib.
 (the picture above shows the mount for type-A, without level monitoring system)

Effective usage of LLD -24
By using our dewar with a monitoring system it is easy to plan your schedule and work,
 especially for time consuming data acquisition such as tomography or EDS mapping.
 It is possible to prepare the cryo cycle function of the Tecnai for best efficiency.
 Unattended data acquisition during night time is hereby made easier.
 On the other hand with at least 18 hours long lasting time of this dewar it might not be a worry any more.

  Warning 1: The system uses liquid nitrogen, an oxygen level meter inside the microscope room is necessary.
  Warning 2: This product is considered to be self-installed. The product is sold without installation cost unless otherwise specified.
  Warning 3: The product is designed for Tecnai type microscopes. For any other microscope additional modification cost is needed.
        For any inquires kindly contact us via e-mail at:

  (note 1): The result may vary depending on vacuum level in the column, thickness of the cold finger of the actual microscope.
         Actual consumption of liquid nitrogen varies between microscopes.

  (note 2): Before installing and filling this dewar make sure to follow any local safety regulations that my apply for your region, company or research institute.
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