Description of this kit and its features
    For users using STEM (BF/DF) mounted off axis together with HAADF, you may now get BF, DF & HAADF on axis for simultaneous imaging.
    This specially designed flange allows your BF/DF detector to be physically mounted on axis.
    Further on there is a port for mounting Gatan Ultrascan camera or Gatan Orius camera.
                         For further information to Gatan CCD and Digital Imaging system, see Gatan Website,
    Until now it was not possible to use BF/DF in combination with Ultrascan Oruus for Tecnai and Titan Low base type, TEM's.
    Please see the data collected below and the different information provided from BF - DF - HAADF, all in one scan!

STEM Image of crystal orientated Silicon
  This preview shows image collected in one scan using 3 detectors simultaneously.
Note the unique information from each detector. (HAADF and DF collects different diffraction information)
          ( Note: Below images are collected with TIA, a software provided by FEI Company )

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