We are TEM holder Maker in JAPAN

To demands of microscopy users,
We would like to contribute to academia with our ideas and Japanese manufacturing.
We continue being such company.

In EM study, extent application fields, then necessary technologies are also sophisticated.
We improve our technology by our own curiosity and daily efforts,
then we continue to respond demands of researchers with unique ideas.

Quality Policy


Provides products with necessary and sufficient quality
Provides products with high reliability
Provide products and service with high professionalism

We keep above policy on our mind and concretize customer demands by our ideas.

Custom built Flow of special order


Please feel free to contact us.
Visiting Call,E-mail,web-site.

2Meeting Quotation

Discussing based on details such as specification.
delivery term and equipment of use to concretize
user’s study.

3Order received Design

After taking on order, start concept design and
detailed design based on thought-out manner.


Elaborative and high quality parts are made out.
Sophisticated building are carried out versed in
vacuum system and electron microscopy.

5Test Delivery

Leak test by high vacuum system, test run and
performance inspection using TEM are carried out ,
and then deliver.

Company Profile

Company Name Mel-Build Corporation (株式会社メルビル)
Established August 24th, 2006
Incorporation April 6th, 2011
Capital 10 million JPY
No.of personnel 7 member and 4 Contractor in 2020
Other personnel 5 prof.advisor
Location 〒819-0025
TEL : 092-891-5111
FAX : 092-982-3880
E-mail : info@melbuild.com
of business
・Design and development of TEM Holder
・Design and development of SEM Holder
・Design and development of EM Accessories
Patents Number of own technologies associated with EM
in Japan : 30 in other countries : 6

Our History

August 24, 2006
Established Mel-Build, the predecessor of Mel-Build Co., Ltd.
Started development, design, production and sales of equipment
attached to electron microscopes and analyzers

April 6, 2011
Established Mel-Build Co., Ltd. (capital 3 million yen) with the start
of development design acceptance business.

May 31, 2013
All ministries and agencies unified qualification, Grade D.

June 1, 2015
Capital increase 10million yen
(Capital increase from 3 million yen to 10 million yen)

September 2017
Build own company office of development room and factory

September 2019
We will try on a global market share with the only technology
in the world.