Peltier Cooling SEM Stage 100

  • SEM-Stage

Compact size φ42 mm + Cooling -100°C
EBSD while cooling at -100°C
Temperature control Resolution less than ±0.005°C

Impact of cooling under -80 degrees

  • SEM-Stage

Why do we need cooling under -50℃

Generally, it can only be cooled down to -50℃, but our stage can be cooled down to -100℃.

  • SEM-Stage

Martensite transformation

  • SEM-Stage

Acceleration voltage (cross-sectioning of carbon electrode)

FIB cross-sectioninig of fuel cell electrodes (Pt/C).The effect is more pronounced with high current.

  • SEM-Stage

These data show that it is effective to cool down to -80°C
(Observation under -50°C / Reducing Kartenning / Effective for FIB samples)

High performance cooling system

  • SEM-Stage

Peltier Cooling SEM Stage

  • SEM-Stage

Precision controller (Meltronic Controller MTC-002)

  • SEM-Stage

Lab Chiller 20 Very low pulsation

  • SEM-Stage


cooling SEM stage spec.

Cooling stage siz e:38 X 45.8 X 18 (mm)
Sample stage size:10.5X15.5(mm)
Cooling control range:RT to -100°C
(with Lab chiller and Temp. controller)
Thermal censor:Pt100
(It is installed directly under the sample stage)

Include Feed through of your SEM/FIB

MTC-002 Temp. controller spec.

Controller size:
331 X 346 X 150(mm)
Weight:6 kg
Control resolution:±0.005°C

Lab Chiller spec.

Lab Chiller size:280 X 490 X 424(mm)
Control temp:Ultimate temp. -20°C
(The temperature control of the stage makes
the reached chiller temperature different.)