Single tilt LN2 Tomography Holder

  • Cryo tomography tem holder

LN2 Cooling -160℃ + X tilt±60°
Get the High Resolution image and EDS Analysis at-160℃
Temp. Control ±0.005℃

EDS Tomography and EELS data

Cryo tomography tem holder

3D silica distribution image by STEM-EDX
tomography with IR/SBR blend

Cryo tomography tem holder

polymer blend, compatibilization, interface, STEM

Provision data:AIST of Dr. Shin Horiuchi:ACS Appl. Polym. Mater. 2019, 1, 815−824

Reasons for high-resolution image at -160℃

We realized it with the following our special system.

  1. Mechanical drift cancellation mechanism from our patented technology
  2. High-precision temperature controller. Range is ± 0.005°C.
  3. Original Gonio cover for cooling tem holder

By making these into one system, it is possible to obtain much easier get the high resolution image than current Cryo TEM holder.

  • Cryo tomography tem holder